Tello / Droneblocks Capabilities

For the Recon Path, what does it mean to be “detected and displayed by the Droneblocks app”?

If we need images for each mission pad, how do we take them if the downward camera does not save images? Or is there a way to configure which camera is used for taking photos?

We have been able to navigate using the mission pads on our field, however we are looking forward to the Droneblocks app being updated to be able to save programs. We also hope that the update will include a way to restart an aborted program from the beginning.

First, make sure you are using the Droneblocks desktop beta app! When using this app, there is a “status” bar at the top which is always active while the Tello Drone is flying. On the right is a “Mission Pad” label, that denotes whether the Tello is currently detecting a Mission Pad or not. This is what referees will be monitoring in order to check if the Mission Pad has been detected properly.

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