Propellors of Drone Fly Off

When test flying the drone and disengaging afterwards, the propellors of the drone fly off of the AVR Drone. All four propellors are set on the right positions and drone assembly is completed.

Below is a link to our video footage:

We’ve had this issue. Tighten them down really good and when you think they are tight, tighten some more. We also hold a firm grip on the notor while we turn the prop tighter. That is what worked for us.

Thank you, we’ll update when we get the time to test it again.

Tightening helps but the issue at core is that you’re disarming it before letting the propellors slow down to their arm speed. Suddenly disarming the motors causes them to untwist & fly off.

I second this, you need to wait for the motors to pretty much disarm themselves, dont try and quickly stop them

Update: tightening them a lot more solved the problem. We’ve been testing and practicing ever since, thank you!