Propellers only fit on the wrong motor

In the instruction manual, it claims that CW motors go to black-tipped propellers and CCW motors go to white-tipped propellers. However, for our motors, white-tipped propellers only fit on CW motors and black-tipped propellers only fit CCW motors if they’re tightened backward. I would suspect we had gotten some of the motors swapped on accident but I’ve tried every combination and nothing works other than this.

Any clarification would be great.

Okay let’s do a simple test ignoring the motor positions on your drone at this point. Make note of the 2812 and 900kV text on the motors. Two should have the 2812 on the left of the 900kV and two of them should be on the right. You should be able to thread the props on as shown in the photo below.

Once you confirm that the threading of your props is consistent with my photo we can take the next step. I’ll also make a note that all of the motors can spin CW or CCW by the way they are connected to the ESC. The intent of CW/CCW threading is to keep the props secure while in flight.