Playing Field Dimensions & Materials

We have a couple more questions about the playing field.

  • We know the window and hotspot sizes, however we do not their location relative to each other and the roof of the building
  • What is the material/finish of the surfaces the vehicles will be driving on?
  • Is there anywhere we can get pictures of the real field?

A big thank you to the Bell AVR team for all of the detailed responses you have given so far!

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Hello, I apologize for the delay and for the limited information available about this question.

The Windows which depict Active / Fire Score statuses are in slightly different positions on each Building depending on their printed graphics. Figure 16 is the best depiction in the Game Manual of what some of the different Buildings look like in this regard - on Buildings which graphically have multiple rows of Windows, the “top” ones will always be the ones that are open. There will also be additional field lighting / displays that help to visually depict Fire Score, since rear Windows are not visible by the Drive Team.

The LWC Target and Hotspot “portholes” are in the same relative location on each Building, centered horizontally and roughly 4" from the top edge of that Building’s side. LWC Targets are found on all four sides, but all Hotspots are on the Building side facing towards the Fire Station, as noted in the definition of Hotspot.

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