Heated Plates Replica

In preparation for an upcoming competition, my team has decide to build a replica of the field. Part of this includes replicating the heated plates found on some of the buildings. These plates are 4" in diameter and heat up to 85 degrees Celsius.

We want to replicate the AVR field as accurately as possible, and that means replicating these heated plates as accurately as possible. How is this implemented in the RVR field?

Refer to THIS thread for some insight.

there is also this tutorial on how to make a target in the forum from last year

Here is the link to the heat plates on Amazon. Could you please be more specific with what you are looking for regarding how the hot plates are implemented?


We wondering how we would insulate the heat from the rest of the building, but the device you have sent a link to already has insulation so that’s not really that big a deal. We were also wondering how to power it, but since its just powered by AC we will just use a smart plug to turn it on and off.

Thank you for your reply. We have no further questions at this time.

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