How do the hotspots work on the building

Hi! I wanted to ask and see how the building hotspots worked. We wanted to know so we can make/acquire something similar to test and see how the thermal camera recognizes it. Would something like this potentially work?

That’s pretty much what they are, just heating elements. Those would probably work just fine for testing purposes.

They show up on the thermal readout as red to orange blobs, depending what you have the temperature range set to. Last year all we did with it is I had my pilot go up to the two big buildings and if I saw a hotspot on one we extinguished it first before it burned.

Basically just an early warning thing.

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A key note here is we put matte black paint on them last year. Otherwise we found it hard for the thermal camera to pick it up well, and it helps absorb stray laser bounces.

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