Phase 1 and Phase 2 Questions

Hello, I had some questions regarding a couple different things happening in Phase 1 and Phase 2:

Phase 1- For the recon paths for both the Tello and AVR Drone, I’m confused as to whether there are any rules stopping us from just taking a straight path to and from the destinations of each drone. Do we have to pass over a few of the buildings or make a certain shape (like a triangle in both of the example paths)?

Phase 2- Do we have to specifically land on any of the buildings to drop the Sphero Minis off? Is it acceptable to just fly over the buildings and allow the minis to drop off onto the building from the drone? If we are required to land on the buildings, can we first unload the spheres aerially and then land on the buildings after?

Team 76122A

@aviy2609 See below answers to your phase 1 & 2 questions:

Phase 1: The pathway of the AVR and Tello drone is less of an imperative for scoring than completing the Mission to the appropriate recon location and to do so autonomously. The AVR drone must also autonomously scan the AprilTag.

Phase 2: You are aloud to simply drop the “first responder” Spheros on the tops of buildings without landing. Both techniques are acceptable