PCC trouble. The Feather M4 Express board is stuck in some mode that it cannot exit from

I flashed the Feather M4 express with the correct “px4_fmu-v5x_default.v1.13.0.f7c457e.px4” file. It succeeded with the flash and had verified it was correctly flashed. But ever since that, the LED on the board is solid red, and pressing the “reset” button the board does nothing. The device does not show up on either windows or linux, before it only showed up on windows. I have tried some of the advice from other forum posts but nothing seems to work.

Is there any way to test the 3 board on the PCC to validate that they are working? I tried to test it through BOSSA, but it doesnt show up windows as a device on a COM port, it just doesnt exist. Before when it did show up on windows, I didnt show up in the Jetson, is there any reason that the Jetson cant see it but windows can? My first thought would be a missing driver or something, but I dont know anything about linux to say for sure. Any advice? Is the board bricked?