Need Help Troubleshooting Feather Board Connectivity and Control Issues

When the feather boards are connected to a PC using a USB cable, we can successfully test and operate the servos and LED strip. Our goal is to make them function through SSH, establish a successful SSH connection, ensure Q works properly, and log in using an IP address via the AVR GUI while Putty runs in the background. The battery percentage is displayed, and the GPS functionality appears to be working well. However, we are encountering difficulties controlling the servos via the AVR GUI.


Whenever you ask questions, mention what specific problems you are facing. Regarding your question, what problem are you having? What exactly do you mean by “difficulties”? It seems you can control servos when you connect using a cable directly, but not when connecting through SSH and trying to control over wifi?

If that’s the issue, reflash the PCC again. We had the same problem for some
reason and it just disappeared on its own after reflashing.

If not, post some screenshots/videos/logs/descriptions so that other people have a better idea of your problem and can help you.


Servos do not do anything. We do not receive any errors. Commands appear sent but nothing happens. Not even the LEDS

One thing I observed a couple of weekends ago is that a team was having similar problems and it turned out their buck converter was bad. They were sending 16v directly to their servo feather wing and fried the servos. Can you check the pos/neg terminals to the feather wing as well as the output voltage on the pos/neg servo rail? You should observe 5v both with the input voltage and on the servo rail.

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