PCC Power Surge Error

We are attempting to flash our PCC. BOSSA and PCC firmware have been downloaded. When the PCC is plugged into a laptop via microUSB, the computer immediately gives an error message that says “A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device.”
PCC Error

We have seen the same error on 3 different laptops with different microUSB cords. Our other team’s PCC did not have this problem (on a given computer, one PCC works fine and the other produces the error). We have compared the soldering and assembly and cannot find any notable differences.

I will post pictures of the PCC in a reply.

What happens when you pull the Feather M4 out of the tripler and connect it directly to your computer? Do you still see the same results? That would rule out a potential short the tripler side of things.

I did not get the error when I plugged in just the Feather M4. I think the issue was the power jumper. I didn’t notice that was a later step, we had just gone ahead and added it while we were soldering everything else.

That was the case on both, though? Is it possible the other one has some problem with the power jumper if it didn’t produce the error? We flashed that one with the power jumper installed and had no issues.