Paratrooper Kit?

Since the Tello now has an added task to be able to pick up the Paratrooper and drop it, will we be receiving a kit or an extension of some kind to help us accomplish this task, or should we design our own solution?


Please see Section 4.2 - Game Specific Definitions for the “Parachute Smokejumper”. This includes a link to purchase the Paratrooper Parachute through Amazon, and the note below the definition includes what is permissible for modification. This will not be provided in the Competition Kit and it is the responsibity of the teams to acquire this season. The REC Foundation will be bringing extra Paratroopers to the events just in case a team forgets to bring theirs, but this will to be to borrow only. It is not guaranteed that teams that borrow a Paratrooper from RECF will receive new (unused) Paratroopers, so it is in the best interest of the team to bring their own to ensure they will be compatible with their designs.