How many alterations can you make to the smokejumper's parachute before it isn't a parachute?

In the manual, there are no specifications for size of the parachute or the amount of perforations allowed. We were wondering if a team would be allowed, for example, to have simply a parachute with a 2-inch diameter and a 1/2-inch perforation in the middle. Additionally, we were wondering if the smokejumper would have to have any significant deceleration due to the deployment of the parachute.

Thank you for the question:
We cannot comment absolutely on hypothetical scenarios, but as defined in 4.2 Definitions, teams are allowed to modify the parachute design (parachute material, strings or any other modifications or additions). As stated in 5.1 Scoring section, points for the Smokejumper requires the parachute to show freefall during the launch and requires the parachute to “open” before landing, both of which will be a Referee judgement call.