First Matches Results

What were the results of first matches?
Any rule changes?
Will bean bags/fiery debris be attached with Velcro? This is not in manual or CAD.

No matches were played in the Michigan competition due to field technical issues. There may be rule/game changes coming up pending how the field electronics (field management system) are sorted out. In Michigan, the teams were allowed to see the field and practice without electronics. Here is a picture of the velcro attachment. Hope that helps. At this point, I’ve been visiting the forum looking for updates myself. Are you down in Texas?

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The field was also down at the Austin comp.

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Yes, in Texas here. Thank you for posting the pic and info.
Shocking to hear that no matches were played at these competitions.

Are you saying that everyone traveled to the competition and the fields didn’t work? Did Bell tell everyone that the fields were down before they traveled?

My team was made aware of the cancellation at about 3-4 PM on Saturday with the Competition scheduled for Sunday. We were told that none of the field electronics were functioning but we were welcome to check out the field as is and practice between 10 AM and 2 PM. 3 teams took advantage of this. Some members of our team had non-refundable hotels so we had a small contingent of people show up. What was the experience like in Texas?

We haven’t competed yet, we do that in Maryland on the 19th and 20th but it’s good to hear that you knew prior to going.

Yup the field wasn’t working here too, plus we didn’t know beforehand. Our team is from around here (~20 mins drive from where the competition was) so we did not lose that much money on hotel and travel, but we were planning on this being our ticket to the championships so now we’re just waiting to hear from the organizers. Since the field wasn’t working that day, we still competed but there was no 1st/2nd/3rd place as there were no points, but all the other prizes (exemplary team, judges choice, etc.) were still there. We are hoping to hear back from the organizers on their decision soon.