Competition Dates

Is this years competition over 2 days? Or will we be assigned a day? If so, when can we get our assigned day information so that I can start putting in transportation?

Also, when will we get the opportunity to sign up for the second event?

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@Grant_Cox are you able to provide guidance on this?

Hi Kendra! Events this season are held over one full day. Most weekends have two events held on back-to-back days so that we can leave the fields set up overnight, but they are not actually 2-day events.

Teams can search for and register for the dates / locations that work best for you through your account on RobotEvents.

To register for an event, you will need to visit the page for the event (example) while logged in, and put yourself on the waitlist by clicking the “Waitlist” button near the bottom of the page (image).

If this is the first event you are registering for, you should be automatically moved from the waitlist to the “registered teams” list. If it is the second, you will receive an invoice for the $500 registration fee through RobotEvents before being added to the “registered teams”. You can register for both events at any time!

Your best resource for help with this process is going to be to contact your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager, who can step through it and answer any questions you may have!

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What is the benefit of attending a second event? Will new scores replace old? Is it another opportunity to be in the top 3 and advance to finals?

One benefit I see is for my team to have more experience on the official field. I am not certain about the scores and advancing this year. We will find out more when we get Champs qualification and advancement information.

The greater benefit I see is much more important to me. Long term benefit is getting to see more teams compete and interact with the teams, judges, referees, etc. I see these contests as ways for students to see other solutions and methods of solving the problems. Students also get a chance to interact with more individuals and build connections for the future. If travel costs, distance, etc are easy for the team, I will always choose more opportunities to compete and interact with others. As an educator, I want students to be more invested in the event so they gain a greater chance of connection and impact on themselves but also on others they interact with at the events.