FC Calibration not working

We have been trying to calibrate the FC in Qground control and when calibrating the compass it will either just not work or just complete one or a couple of calibrations. We have tried unplugging restarting and resetting and it doesn’t seem to help. We also have tried to calibrate the gyroscope and it just freaks out and says that it is moving even though it is completely still. We are on the version of Qground controls that allows us to flash the firmware and we have flashed it multiple times and it seems to do nothing. Any help would be great!

Based on your post the flight controller sounds suspect. Can you confirm which firmware you are flashing (just to make sure its for the correct flight controller).

Also, can you try performing the calibration with the flight controller disconnected from the rest of the components and just plugged in via USB to your laptop?

I don’t have one in front of me but I’m pretty sure it will power up with only a USB connection.

We had the same issue. We took the FC off the drone and we were able to connect to QGC and calibrate it. But, we still need to disconnect all the wires to the FC every time we need to connect to Q Ground Control.