ESC not functioning

Our ESC is not working and here is what we know about it:

  1. Our ESC arrived loose in a box.
  2. We installed it, we completed a series of diagnostics and it does not work.
  3. Our sister team received an ESC that was sealed in a plastic package.
  4. We installed their ESC in our drone as a test and it worked just fine.
  5. We reinstalled our ESC and it was still non-functional.
    Please advise.

There was a set of ESCs sent out by REC with faulty firmware. More than likely the loose one that’s not working is one of those. Not much you can do about it except use one with good firmware, as you’ve found.

Please provide pictures of the top-side and bottom-side of the ESC board. The Bell Engineering team will respond soon to assist with diagnosing the issue.