Announcement from Bell

For those who haven’t seen it, Bell just announced a few minor rule changes for the Competition on the 19/20th. I didn’t know this until our teacher sponsors shared it with us today, so I hope this helps those who have not seen it.

Hello Bell Teams,

We have an announcement we would like to share to help you prepare for the upcoming event this weekend. There have been some field electronic modifications to address the challenges we experienced the first week of events, and those changes were successfully implemented last week at the UT Arlington events. These changes are to ensure you have a great event experience, and the good news is that they won’t change the overall game dynamics. You will still be trying to:

  • Clear Fires quickly, i.e. minimize damage to buildings as the fire spreads
  • Progress through Phases, i.e. guarantee as many buildings are “safe” as possible
  • Complete Support actions, i.e. work as a crew to be the most effective

This means that the tasks that you designed your drones and robots to complete will still be present. We will be reviewing the specific changes during the Opening Ceremony. Here are a few details we can share now:

  • The laser targets on the buildings will only be on the sides facing the Fire Station.
  • The Fire Score will primarily be communicated via the LED light strips (Gutters) at the top of the building.
  • The heat plate will only be active on one of the two tall buildings.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.