2 motors spin faster while landing, making drone go diagonally and crash


Our drone was drifting, so we adjusted the trim on the transmitter, and can see that the drone takes off properly, and is quite stable in the air while in the position control mode.


While landing, just putting the throttle down makes the drone go both vertically downwards and horizontally, leading to a diagonal path. It seems to me that two motors spin faster than the others all the time, including while landing, whereas in my understanding they should become slower so that the drone can land perfectly.

I am clueless as to where should I begin for the solution, and any help is greatly appreciated.

Not the answer you want, but I do have a question. How did you adjust the trim? Our drone has a small spin issue that I can’t seem to fix.

Hmm I can’t actually answer that super accurately since I do not know, but from what I do know, there is a button on the back(?) of the controller that opens up a menu or something, and then using the joysticks you can change the trim. It might be better to ask somebody who has more knowledge of this, like a person from bell here or onsite.

Both @nbrownback-bell and myself will be running the drone support booth tomorrow so please swing by. It will be much easier to diagnose if we can observe the behavior. Thanks.