Use a teladrone talet or use the teladrone roadmaster expansion kit modules as the teladrone talet?

In the competition, are we allowed to use a teladrone tablet or use the Teladrone Roadmaster expansion kit modules as the teladrone tablet?

@SaberDrones Since this is a clarification of the Game Manual rules regarding what is legal, I have changed the thread category to 2023 Game Q&A so that you can get an official response.

@Jeremiah_M Can you review this question?

@SaberDrones would you mind sharing a little more detail? Are you looking to add the expansion kit to the Tello EDU? Are you going to program the expansion kit to control Tello? We are trying to understand your question so we can make a decision on what will be allowed. Thanks.

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The expansion kit will be used to control (using the GPIO) the releasing of the paratrooper and the addition of any sensor which we may find helpful for auto navigation. Can the Tello Talent be used? It appears the same as the Tello EDU but has the expansion module?

We would like to add the RoboMaster TT expansion kit to our Tello EDU drone for the Bell AVR competition. This would allow us to use the GPIO output from the expansion hub to control a device to release our paratrooper.

You are more than welcome to use the RMTT expansion module but let me make a few callouts. To get autonomous points you will need to deploy the parachute autonomously. Also, please keep in mind that Tello has very limited payload capacity and you need to avoid obstructing the downward facing sensors, which give Tello its autonomous capability.

Lastly, I’ve seen mixed results when powering a servo directly from the expansion module given it’s based on the ESP32. You may need a separate 5V power input, which presents even more payload challenges. Refer to this article:

also, there is a repo that has various Arduino sketches that demonstrate the capabilities of the expansion module: