Unlocking Gimbal Rotation

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Anyways, my team is making some custom components for the drone that rely on the servos being able to rotate in one direction for a long time. However, the drone will not accept MQTT messages to set_servo_absolute with a value greater than 2400.

We made a custom build of AVRGUI with the variables SERVO_ABS_MIN and SERVO_ABS_MAX modified, and while it lets us go below the minimum value of 700, it will not let us go past the maximum of 2400. Is there a way to unlimit it?

I’m pretty sure servo limits are hardware-defined. I.e, the hardware cannot even process going beyond 2400.

Maybe look into some different servos with more throw?

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Well that would explain a lot. Thanks for the help!

I’m on a business trip so excuse the short reply. These values are restricted based on the PCC firmware: AVR-PCC-Firmware/avr_servo.hpp at 0274ccbbb96a03edfd4fbe38534b433d47e10ca4 · bellflight/AVR-PCC-Firmware · GitHub

I’m reasonably certain this was lifted directly from Adafruit’s example: Adafruit-PWM-Servo-Driver-Library/servo.ino at bbc6c3058e9a6197b3d360925e35811df942f2e1 · adafruit/Adafruit-PWM-Servo-Driver-Library · GitHub

You can try tweaking the values, and recompiling and flashing the firmware.

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Good to know. I’ll give that a try, and modifying firmware could open up a lot of new possibilities on top of that!

I have updated some of the documentation about this: bell.avr.serial.pcc API documentation