Servo questions

We have some questions about servos. Since the gimbal needs to move around to hit a specific point on a building, how do we make small adjustments to the direction that the lazer points. The joystick in the AVR GUI can only change the yaw of the lazer, how do we change the pitch? Also is there anyway to add more servos to the drone, there are more output ports for servos on the pcc but we tried plugging servos into those ports but they do not work.

All four ports for the servo’s on your PCC should work. There’s a PCC tester within the AVR GUI. Did you attempt to troubleshoot using the GUI?

All four servos on the PCC do work, the problem is that we cant make any fine adjustments to them. The PCC tester tab in the GUI is greyed out and cannot be clicked on.

Were you able to connect the PCC to your computer with the USB cable, and connect to it with the GUI? The tab will become active once a successful connection is made.