Thermal Camera Not Sending Data to VMC


Recently, my team tried to wire the thermal camera to our VMC, and it will not transmit data. Everything lights up properly, and the camera is being detected by the computer, it just doesn’t give a visual output in AVRGUI.

We have the four pin connector plugged into the camera, and split into four female to female jumper wires which are connected to the 40 pin board of the VMC. If any of that sounded off please let me know, I can send pictures tomorrow.

We have power cycled the drone multiple times, it doesn’t make a difference.

What do you mean by “the camera is being detected by the computer”?

What command are you using to start the VMC software before you pull up the GUI?

Lastly, if you open the MQTT debugger in the GUI, are you seeing data on the avr/thermal/reading topic?

Can you operate the gimbal through the AVR GUI joystick?

For a few days I was confused because the GUI registered an MQTT connection to the Jetson, but none of the peripherals responded, but it turned out it was because the Jetson and the PCC weren’t properly connected, we only thought they were.

Backtrack, go to the basics and work up. It’s probably the cables, based off our experience.

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Update: here’s the error we’re getting.

Here’s a pastebin of the whole logs, except that pastebin is blocked on our school computers, so it’s a different website. Same idea though!


Update 2: Here’s my MQTT debugger, it only shows fcm and pcm. There is no thermal directory inside either of them.

I would eliminate as many variables as possible, and just test the thermal camera on it’s own, you don’t need the fusion or vio services.

I would run run the command:
./ run thermal
to only run the thermal module.

Looking at your logs, it looks like the thermal module can’t find the camera, so I think you have a hardware issue. As @Tig said, double check the connections, and if you can, post a picture of the soldering.

It seems to be a running theme that I come here with a problem, and then the solution was that I had a crippling skill issue.

The thermal wires were plugged into the wrong VMC ports.

Thanks for the help though.