Shipment 2: Has anyone received it?

It says in the information that we should receive the 2nd shipment no more than 7 days after the first shipment but I have not received it yet and we are on the 8th day.

We have not recieved ours and it is now the 7th day. On the 6th day we recieved an email that said our second package had just been shipped so I would look out for something like that.

Who was the email from?

Some of the kits / items have had further unexpected delays that we are still working through, but all kits should be in your hands by the end of this week. If you still have not received it by Friday, I would email with your team number and we should be able to look into the tracking information for you.

We’re very sorry for the confusion - “7 days”… plus or minus a holiday weekend for postal workers… and shipping / supply chain issues from multiple vendors… just 2022 things!


We have just received shipment 2 to let everybody know.

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We did as well. A day after an email about it.

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