Has anybody received kit 2?

Does anybody have any information about when shipment 2 will be arriving? Has anybody recieved the new kit yet? I’m wondering because we are yet to recieve the new parts and are reaching the limit of what we can work on without the ESC (we finished soldering and flashing and are beginning work on the arms). Please let me know!

Hi @Ryan_Mathews_1000A, welcome to the forum!

I’d recommend utilizing the search tool in the top right corner of your screen. In this case I searched the words “shipment 2” and the first result was a topic titled Shipment 2: Has anyone received it? Feel free to check this forum feature out the next time you have a question.

There’s a good chance someone else has had the same question as you before.

In this case, there is actually an official reply that I believe will answer your question perfectly.