Servo control using Python code

We have a few questions we’d appreciate some guidance on:

    1. Servo Control: We’re looking for ways to control the servos more precisely. Specifically, when we click “open” or “close,” the servos turn, but we’d like to fine-tune these turns. Can someone point us to the Python code or resources to achieve this?
    1. Adding More Servos: Is it possible to add more servos beyond the default four using VMC (Virtual Motion Controller)? If so, how can we do that?
    1. Autonomous Mode: Do you have any template code or suggestions for creating an autonomous mode, similar to a sandbox environment? We’d like to modify code for this purpose.

We appreciate any help you can provide in dealing with Python and these tasks.

Thank you!

  1. to control the servos you can change the command you send in the GUI and give it a different angle. if that does not work for you you can edit the code that’s running on the drone in VMC/PCM/ although with servos there is only so much fine tuning you can do.
  2. you can add more buttons in the GUI to condole up to 8 servos before needing to add more boards. (you should have access to 0-7) on the feather. I have not written code to control servos
  3. why do you need a separate sandbox environment you should just be able to write code in there i might be able to help but I don’t understand what you want

I hope this helps

  1. I will review again in

2-3) I’ve been searching for Python templates that can assist us in achieving autonomous control of our AVR. The goal is to have it autonomously detect Apriltags on top of buildings and manage distances, timing, and more.

I vaguely recall reading about the use of a “sandbox” to control various aspects through a web of Python codes, but we’re encountering challenges in understanding how to integrate and add the necessary code for autonomous AVR operation.

Any guidance, templates, or resources on how to make this happen would be greatly appreciated. We’re eager to explore and learn more.

Thank you for your help!

btw when it comes to servo control, the numbers for the “angles” you have to set for the servo are significantly larger than the values from the PCC Tester, such as 1215 instead of 80