Saved My Missions on DroneBlocks not retrievable with 2nd version of DroneBlock v0.1.8

Hi DroneBlocks dev team. Thank you for re-uploading a working build of v0.1.8 so quickly. The exe now works. However, all previously saved missions created with v0.1.6 are no longer present in v0.1.8. They are still retrievable in v.0.1.6. The My Missions portion in v0.1.8 is completely blank. Has anyone else experienced this?

I experienced the same

I’ve posted this on the DroneBlocks Forum. Hopefully, a fix can be implemented without something else breaking in the process. The Devs must be exhausted with all of these issues. We are the Beta testers I guess.

During the early beta we were testing against a dev server. So your missions must have been saved there. If you can let me know the email account that you’re logging in with we can easily migrate those missions to production. Feel free to send me a PM and we can get this addressed asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.