Custom saving tool for Droneblocks


After some lots of experimentation with the Droneblocks beta software I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way to save different projects locally onto your computer. I know there is a way to save Droneblocks code to the cloud w/ Google sign-in but that has different issues associated with it (like if someone where sick or if you’re sharing devices). I decided to take matters into my own hands so I made a custom script for saving and loading files on Droneblocks. I had a lot of help while making this and I felt like I should post it here to help anyone in a similar predicament.

Here is the GitHub page: GitHub - zinkozapper/DroneBlocksFileSaving: A quick batch script to save and load files in DroneBlocks

Be careful with this program as if accidentally overwrite one of your saves there is no way of recovering it. All instructions are on the GitHub page.

Feel free to leave questions/comments on this post or on the GitHub page!

Thank you for spending the time to read this,
Zinko Zapper.

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It’s always awesome to see people take software matters into their own hands. I’m one of the DroneBlocks developers and am looking forward to seeing what you came up with! I’m not sure what version of DroneBlocks you’re using but the latest version has multiple canvas tabs that are saved in local storage. This means they are saved locally and you have the choice to save them to the cloud if you’d like to do so. At any rate, I’ll give your script a try this week!