Replacement LiPo options

Hi! My team has been using the 2022 kit to prep for the 2023 competition. One of our batteries looks to be beyond saving though, and we’re looking to get a replacement.

  1. Are we past the warranty period on the kit? Could I get a replacement from Bell?

  2. If not, could someone send me an order link for an alternative battery? The only one I could find that was an exact match was sold out.

We use aftermarket batteries since one of our batteries gave out. So we have 3, one original and 2 aftermarket. They seem to work just fine, just make sure you get the same size, 4S LiPo, 5400 Mah (pretty sure that’s the number), and XT-60 connectors.

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Will do!

Have you guys done fine using batteries with different C ratings?


Teams are responsible for replacing their own parts this season, so the answer to your first question is that Bell or RECF would not provide a replacement.

You can also try looking at the link provided in the KOP’s spreadsheet to purchase a replacement.

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This spreadsheet is so helpful!

Thanks! We’ll get replacements ordered right away