Note from RECF: Information about replacement and spare parts

Hello Teams,

The REC Foundation has been receiving an increased number of inquiries lately regarding acquiring spare and replacement parts. Please carefully review the “Replacement & Spare Parts Information” section of the FAQ’s. Teams are responsible for purchasing spare or replacement commericial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts this season, and more information for purchasing COTS parts can be found in the FAQ’s.

RECF has a limited amount of custom parts to provide to teams if theirs become damaged. The custom AVR motors are low in stock at the RECF and will not be restocked. In the case that teams need more motors a suitable alternative can be found here: 2812 v3 motor 900kv.

Here are the main differences between the motors:

  • No custom branding logos.
  • No custom motor shafts.
    • These motors do not have the same self-locking shafts and will not work with the props included. You will have to get non-self-locking props. Examples can be found here. When looking for props, be sure they are 1045.
  • No Counter Clockwise motors.
    • Since you are will already have to adjust to different non-self-locking props this will matter less. Instead of buying 2x CW and 2x CCW, teams should buy 4 of the same.
    • This will not affect installation or flight, just be sure your motors are spinning the correct way after installation.
      • If they are not, switch any two wires to change the direction of the motor spin
      • See the docs: Motors and Arms

Note: Even though these motors do not have self-locking props, it will still be required that all teams remove props when not in a netted area. With that in mind, I suggest getting a prop tool to aid in quick installation/removal of your props: prop tool.

If your team has equipment from a previous season, it is highly recommended that you bring it to the competition to use as spare parts. Otherwise, you may consider purchasing spare parts ahead of time to have as spares. Please do not plan on relying on RECF to provide your team parts if they become damaged at an event. While we will do our best to assist your team, it would be advisable to come prepared to ensure a positive event experience.

Thank you,
The RECF Bell AVR Team

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Motor link is broken!

@Tig Thanks! The link has been fixed.

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Hello, If we needed a motor replacement by this weekend would there be anyway to get these motors or motors of the same size and kv by then?


If you are attending the events at UTA, go by the technical support desk in the Team Pit area. They will assist with troubleshooting your motor issue, and may have a replacement motor to provide if the current motor cannot be fixed. There is a very limited supply of motors available at the the UTA events, so if they run out, there may not be a replacement option the day of the event. Please note that the technical support desk may not provide additional parts if they believe the issue will continue to damage parts. The underlying issue should be identified and resolved to minimize further damage to parts.

Otherwise, we recommend that your team consider the option provided in the post above for spare parts.

Okay, thank you so much! I’ll make sure to have the technical support desk look at my drone first thing in the morning.