Question about the field layout

Dear Bell,

Our team is planning to create a mock field and had a question about the assembly of the carpet materials used on top of the field.

On the field layout, will there be noticeable seams in the green carpet, or in the black carpet, that could impact vehicle travel or traction? If so, can the seam locations be identified on the field drawings, and the seems described (e.g. duct tape to connect carpet pieces every 4 feet)?

Thank you!

Thanks for the question: The green carpet will be one continuous piece from the residential side to the city side up the ramp and across the top platform, so no seams. The black carpet roadway will be a similar continuous piece on both sides, but a seam on either side will exist to connect the black carpet going across the top platform. There will be continuous double sided carpet tape along all of the seams between the green carpet and the black carpet.