Field Discrepancy

In the game manual, the dimensions of the field are 15x40 ft, however, on the OnShape model, they are 14x40. We wanted to check which one was correct, as we want our mock field to be as accurate as possible.

@williang Thanks for pointing out what looks like a discrepancy. To clarify, the 15’ tall x 15’ wide x 40’ long dimension that is mentioned in Section 3 is describing the outside dimensions of the cage. The field itself inside of the cage is 14’ wide which consists of 1’ black carpet roadway + 12’ green grass carpet + 1’ black carpet roadway = 14’ total. The outside 15’ dimension consists of the thickness of the cage structure (3” on each side = 6” ) + the guard rails (3” on each side = 6”) + the 14’ court = 15 ft. Hope this clarifies everything.

Hi Jeremiah,
could you tell me where this Onshape model can be accessed?

The oneShape file link is on page 48 in the game manual and here: Onshape