November 12th at UT Arlington final results

Could we get the official final results of the competition from today at UT Arlington? We would like to see where we placed.

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Bump, bump, bump… We have a bunch of kids that want to know.

They’ve updated some results on the team’s events page. If you go to the link below and find your team, you should be able to see your rank when you click on Match Results.

That only shows the awards, not where we placed.

Apologies for not being clear - you need to click on your team’s number in the list in that link. It will then take you to your team’s page. There should be a menu that has Match Results as an option, which is where I saw my team’s ranking and presentation score

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Thank you, I see it now.

Is the presentation score the “SP”?

That’s how my team is interpreting it since our total flight score wasn’t anywhere close to our “SP” number.

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