New Tello is not functional

We ordered a second drone kit this year, and the new tello that came with kit has two motors that do not work. What do we need to do get the broken one replaced?

I would email Bell regarding a replacement for the faulty Tello in your shipment, however, worst-case scenario if you’re unable to get a replacement there are plenty of online resources on how to replace the motor. My team has replaced/repaired Tello motors quite a few times while albeit tedious, it’s definitely better than buying a full replacement. Assuming you already have a soldering iron and a set of tools(screwdriver, pliers, tweezers, etc.); all you’ll need to purchase is the CCW & CW motor set replacement. I’ve linked below some resources to hopefully help you out :slight_smile:

[Bell AVR Contact]:

Unsure why the Tello repair link doesn’t want to be shown in my reply but here it is.

Could you define “broken”?

There are a lot of strange behaviors that are caused by improper propeller installation.

Thank you for the links, I will start with emailing Bell. I have experience with replacing tello motors, I was just not expecting to need to do this on a new tello drone.
Appreciate the links and help.

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Boken as in the motors do not spin. I am aware that if the propellers are improperly installed the drone will flip over, or stay on the ground. The propellers are in the correct order, but two of the motors do not even spin up.

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@droneblocks Dennis, do you have any insights on what may be causing this issue?

Hey @jeff.womack sorry to hear of the troubles you’ve having. We’ve seen this happen on a few occasions with Tello. Can you let me know if you’re able to connect to DroneBlocks or the Tello app and get a video feed? That would at least let us know if they main board and firmware are okay. Then we can take it from there. I can talk to our support team and we’d be happy to ship you a couple of motors if you’re successful with the video feed test. You may be able to issue an RMA with DJI but that will take a while and I’m not 100% sure if they are still accepting RMAs for Tello EDU. Let us know and we can take it from there.