Dropping Sphero Minis on buildings specification


I wanted to know if dropping all 3 Sphero First Responders onto the hotspot building contradicts the specification “one (1) Sphero First Responder unloading on to the building” said in 5.1, phase 2. Due to how our team’s mechanism works, the best way for us to drop all the Sphero Minis would be at the same time, and then picking a few of them back up.

Team 76122A

The 5.1 Phase 2 – Rescue Mission Scoring states that 4 pts are given for “AVR Drone landing on the Residential Building with an active hotspot and one (1) Sphero First Responder unloading on to the building”. The intent of the wording was to prioritize efficiency, but there is not a requirement to limit to only (1) Sphero for any given unloading. Related to this question, for the Phase 2 scoring which states 1 pt per Sphero is given for “Sphero First Responder(s) landing and unloading on remaining Residential Buildings (up to 3)”, there will only be a total of 3 points for unloading 3 Spheros, even if Spheros are dropped off and reloaded multiple times due to your mechanism design.