Connection Break on Batteries

Last season, we had an issue with one of our batteries not being able to charge. It would display “CONNECTION BREAK” when we attempted to charge it. We have discarded that battery and have been using a different one since then. Yesterday, we flew the drone a bit, and a couple hours after the flight, the drone started making unusual noises and high pitched whirring. We unplugged the battery thinking it was a voltage issue, but our battery is now giving the “CONNECTION BREAK” error. We were wondering if this could just be due to old age, or if our drone might be the problem.

Can you plug the battery into the charger and check the cell voltages? Plug your battery balance connector into the charger and press the stop button (assuming you’re using a Venom charger?) It will give you the voltage for each cell. Let us know what it reports.

Here are our cell voltages:

Yes that’s the problem. Your cell voltages have gone too low. If you look at this page:

we talk about the voltage ranges. At this point we can’t make specific recommendations, but I will mention there are numerous videos online showing how to recover a battery that has gone too low. I would advise to do it under supervision and make sure you do not leave it unattended while trying to recover it. Also, make sure you charge it while in the storage bag.

I would also recommend purchasing a new battery as a fallback measure. I’d be surprised if you’d get the same amount of flight time anymore now that the battery has sustained some level of damage.


Yikes! Lipos should always be somewhere around 4 volts per cell!

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