Unable to Print Landing Gear Brace - Slicing Problems


We just got some brand new 3D printers and I went through the training on how to use them. I’ve been printing off parts no problem until I got to the landing gear brace. My slicer program tells me I don’t have enough RAM to slice the file, which is insane given the specs of the machine I’m running. Please let me know what I can do to get a file that doesn’t have any errors, I have tried re-downloading it. As soon as I moved on to printing the feet I didn’t have any issues, and they print just fine, proving to me that there is a problem with the file for the brace. It also breaks my slicer when I open it.

Please advise!

Team 1052A

I just want to go ahead and state that I am:

-Changing “Meters” to “Millimeters”
-Changing quality to “Fine”

Sorry no one has replied to this, what slicer software are you using?

I exported the part as “fine” resolution, and loaded it into Ultimaker Cura on my desktop (though I needed to export as meters to import correctly), and had no issues slicing, even on my Ender 3’s finest settings.