3D Printing Issue


I am having several issues with 3D printing parts. None of the 3D parts given splice and print to the correct scale.

For example, the instructions for the Fire Escape Platform state to change the units from Meters to Millimeters. We followed the instructions and made sure that export page resembles to the example given, but when printing the scaling is so small that the height of the print job isn’t even a millimeter tall.

Also, all of the drone leg feet and braces did not match the scaling to fit on to the legs of the drone. We finally got to get the feet and braces to be scaled correctly, but only from randomly guessing the scale.

If there are any solutions or something we missed please let us know.

Thank you.

When you download the parts, make sure you specify the units as millimeters:

We have triple checked that we’re exporting as millimeters! We’re using KISS Slicer. All other STL files we download from sites such as Thingiverse work and scale correctly.

Hello, I was wondering what printer you are using? Our team was having similar problems.

We’re using a PolyPrinter 325DX.

As I mentioned in my previous post, our team was experiencing similar issues, but were able to solve them quickly. I believe this was because before each print had begun, we used Tinkercad to verify the measurements from Onshape were accurate. It is a very simple software with little to offer, but the system of measurement is basic and the exported files have almost always been accurate.