SD Card Split Into Multiple Drives

Upon first inserting the provided MicroSD and SD adapter into a computer (running Windows 10), it is split/partitioned into multiple drives which then prompt to be formatted. What is causing this issue as it happened last year with the SD card when flashing it. I will follow the github instructions on my own MicroSD card to flash the SD card to see if I run into the same problems.

The kit should have come with a pre-flashed SD card for the Jetson. It is normal to see multiple partitions on the drive after it’s been flashed. You should just be able to install the SD card in your Jetson and power it up.

Let me also add that If for any reason you need to Flash the SD card there are instructions here:

Flashing the SD Card | Bell AVR Documentation (

I had previously run into an issue with trying to flash with Etcher and the switch to Rufus did the trick.