Question About Nov 10/11 Qualifying events at UT Arlington

For the qualifying events at UT Arlington on November 10/11, will teams have access to the competition field at UT Arlington on Thursday 11/9 to practice? If so, what are the start and end times for practice?

Thank you for any clarification!
Team 76122A

Hello @aryal,

Similar to last season, teams have access to an enclosed netted area near the Team Pits to practice flying their drones. While this area does not have a field inside the netted area, it does provide a safe place to test basic drone flight options. The morning of the event before the Opening Ceremonies, team members may have access to the competition fields to make measurements, but not fly the drones due to safety concerns. There are no other scheduled practice times for teams at the UTA venue, but teams are encouraged to utilize the field diagrams in the Game Manual to develop a mock field to practice before events.

If other teams have tips on how to practice before an event, please post those ideas here.