Connecting to the Jetson

When trying to connect the laptop to the jetson it takes a while to connect. Once it does, in the device manager it is recognized as a storage device and not a COM(###). Then it turns on the fan for a split second and disconnects. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

We were having a similar problem, were as soon as we plugged in the battery to the jetson, the fan would spin for less than a second and then it turns off (the light goes off). We then replaced the jetson with that of last year but it still continued. Then one of our teammates found out that as soon as we unplugged a section of the wiring from the jetson, it turned on, and soon as we plugged those wires back in, it turned off. There was something wrong with those wires coming into the jetson from (I think) the thermal sensor that was (maybe?) causing a short circuit or something that turned the jetson off. We do not know the exact cause, but we fixed it by changing some of the wiring and moving some of the wires around. I don’t know if it might be the same for you, but just letting you know.