Autonomous Mission Scoring

In the 2023 game manual, there is a clause stating that:

“If at any point during the Autonomous Recon Mission the operator of the AVR Drone switches from autonomous to manual operation, the Team will only receive manual points for all of the actions, regardless of how they were carried out.”

Does this penalty only apply for if the operator signals intent to do autonomous, then switches to manual halfway through? Or does it apply if any members of the team attempt to do a manual operation?

Just to clarify, I think you are asking if ALL of the autonomous scores for all of the Phase 1 Autonomous actions (AVR Drone, Tello Drone, RVR Fire Truck and Sphero First Responders) would be cut back to manual scores if ANY of the actions are switched to manual during the Phase 1 actions. The answer to that is NO. The scoring penalty only applies to the specific vehicle action so as an example, if the AVR Drone switches to manual at any point during the autonomous flight, their maximum score would be 5 pts instead of the potential 20 pts for a complete autonomous flight, but all of the other actions (Tello, RVR & Sphero) could still achieve autonomous points. Let us know if that answers your question.

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Thank you! I got caught up in the wording and nearly gave my tello teammates a heart attack. This is great to know.