What are the scoring requirements for AprilTag Water Drops

Hi there, we wanted to see what the requirements for getting the autonomous points for the water drop. Do we need to release the balls from the april tag, or does the drone need to hold postition due to it.
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Unofficial answer, but:

In the manual, on sections 5.2.1 and 5.2.4, this is stated:

“AVR Drone signals that an Autonomous Delivery is about to occur for a Water Ball Drop, by
demonstrating through the AVR GUI that the AVR Drone recognizes the AprilTag causing the
LED strip on the AVR Drone to flash 3 times.”

“Additional bonus points are given if the Water Balls are dropped autonomously by
the AVR Drone using the AprilTag to trigger the Water Ball Drops and to cause the
LED strip on the AVR Drone to flash 3 times.”

All that needs to happen is that the AprilTag scan should cause your LED strip to flash 3x, and then a ball drop should follow (does not have to be immediately after). You should not need to have your drone hold position.

Put simply, the AprilTag causing the LED flash is just to signal that a ball drop will happen soon.

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According to Section 5.2.4 (Open Roof Buildings), the AprilTag being scanned should “trigger the Water Ball Drops” and “cause the LED strip on the AVR drone to flash 3 times”.
So, it looks like the AprilTag scanning should trigger your Water Ball release mechanism.

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@HPT1-Row_Dyer Yes confirmed from above remarks. The April Tag associated with each open-roof building must be scanned, triggering autonomous drop via AVR drone mechanism. Given the April tags are offset from the open roof building, a delay in your script would be sufficient or fastening your water drop mechanism to accomodate the drop angle. I will monitor on Python readout aswell, realtime. Thank you