Making/Getting Water Tower & Trees

Will there be a release for tree specifications and/or a link to the relevant hinge for it?

Will there be a specifications/build guide for the water tower and is there something we can purchase to simulate the spring mechanism the RVR is supposed to interact with?

Is there a link for recommended water droplet balls that we can purchase?


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Unfortunately, exact specs for the Trees will not be released at this time. Knocking over Trees is not intended to be a primary “design” challenge part of the game; the hinges are knocked over extremely easily by the Sphero Minis provided in the registration kit, and the field includes “bumpers” to help guide the Mini in (essentially similar to the “V”-shaped rails visible in the publicly available field CAD).

In short, hitting the Tree with any amount of appreciable force by the Sphero Mini should be enough to topple it. If you would like to simulate something for drive practice, being able to hit any type of small target, roughly 1" wide, will likely be sufficient! Things like a domino, another Sphero Mini, a VEX IQ beam standing on end, etc could all work.

The Water Tower modeled in the field CAD linked above is an accurate representation of the components that the RVR is expected to interface with. Specifically, the “push bar” and base will have the same overall dimensions, although the internals may differ slightly. Similar to the Trees mentioned above, interfacing with this bar is not intended to be a primary mechanical design challenge - if you can drive your RVR into a 1" wide stick that is ~2" from the floor, you should be all set!

Yes. The Water Drop balls are the same VEX 25mm plastic balls that were included in your kit. The ones for the Bell AVR competition will only be blue, but they are exactly the same in every way other than color!