Building April Tags

Is there a place where the april tags for each building are provided? Or does the actual april tag not matter as long as the building has one? I have looked everywhere for them and I can’t seem to find them.

The tags shown on page 10 of the manual look to be from the 36h11 family of AprilTags.
Tags for this family can be found here. (The last string of 5 digits on each file name is the tag id)


The images from the site linked are too small for printing, unless I’m doing something wrong. Each tag was only a few pixels. Here’s a link with the 36h11 family tags with a sufficient resolution that may be helpful for printing.
Indoor autonomous flight with ArduCopter, ROS and AprilTag Detection — Dev documentation

Thanks! I noticed that as well. We managed to size a couple up but its a hassle.

Here is a link to a full size PDF


Nice! Thank you much!